Hi, I am Monika Moller!

Your Self Discovery Coach!

Who I am What I do

Hello and welcome

When I was 27 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and told I’de never be able to walk or use my arm ever again. I decided that would not be me. I decided to change that fate. I’m managed to overcome MS 100%.
Now I help other’s change their fate.
I’m a certified Life Coach, Counsellor and NLP Practitioner, as well as a Science of Happiness at Work Instructor.

I’m also the author of “ When Crying, Laugh” (soon to be published).

The journey of recovery is a journey of self discovery.

About me

I’m passionate about helping people live a life with wellbeing. I’ve been there, done the journey – now is your turn.

What I can do for you

Coaching Plan

Get a deeper understanding of yourself and any health issue you’re facing at the moment. Through the discovery of your strengths, potentiality  and desires, you will learn new strategies to produce change and reach your goal. All this within a 12 week period.

Counselling Plan

Something you from moving forward. Through weekly counselling sessions we discover what this is and how to change it.

Clarity Review

In one to three sessions, you get to focus on a specific problem, review your approach and gain clarity and perspective.

MS Coaching Plan

First of all we asses were you’re at, what you’ve done and what you want. Then device a step by step plan that you are comfortable with.
This may involve how to handle emotional and practical situations how to handle fears and challenges and how to integrate recovery into day to day life. All this within a 12 week period.

You should also know…

Therapy will not heal you, but it will help you get clarity and to see the hidden causes within you. It will also support you in the moments when your mind gets overwhelmed with fears, and help you find the peace and strength you need to do whatsoever  you decide to do to improve your situation.

Get in touch

I really would love to talk to you and tell you that being diagnosed with MS is not a death sentence. It is a strong wakeup call to transform your life.  And it’s about mindset: how you see the disease and how you feel about it, is what will make the difference.