You Have What It Takes

Find the strength to overcome MS

it is my experience that

the power to create wellbeing is found within,
the holistic approach to healing works,
every illness brings with it an important message about who we are,
every illness brings opportunities for positive changes in our lives.

My Story

I’m happy to share my story with you.
My name is Monika Moller and I’m a 100% recovered Multiple Sclerosis patient.

My journey began about 9 years ago, at age of 27. I woke up a Tuesday morning without being able to move my right leg and arm. I also had lost my ability to speak.

After two weeks in the hospital, I was diagnosed with MS and the nurses told me that I was probably not going to be able to walk or use my arm ever again.

Against all predictions, I started my journey to recovery. And it worked!

I was able to climb Mount Roraima, the highest of the tepui plateaus in South America, and I am now able to live a completely normal life with lots of wellbeing.

Sharing my story means a lot to me, but it is also a big responsibility. I don’t have all the answers, but I have the experience, the exploration and the observation of what happened within me, and I’m willing to share it in hope that it will help you if you find yourself in a similar situation.

The journey of recovery is a journey of self discovery.

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“I believe illness is an opportunity to awaken,
an open door for change to really happen, the chance to experience a more fulfilling life through awareness.”

How I can help you?

I can help you deal with the fear when being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

Through coaching and counselling I can help you answer questions like why me? what do I do now? How do I do it?

I facilitate answers through an holistic approach, a vision of wellbeing of the body, mind and spirit; considering the benefits of many kinds of medicine available, traditional and non-traditional. From there, you will build the confidence that you can live with MS without it being a death sentence.

Why Coaching for MS?

The program I offer will provide you with a personalised analysis and a specific step by step guide that will give you support  by utilising the resources that are available to you and by helping you assume responsibility for your own wellbeing.

More about coaching
What I offer
Mentoring, Coaching & Counselling

MS Coaching Pack
6 weekly 1:1 sessions

  1. Analysis and assessment of current situation
  2. Step by Step plan
  3. Tools for handling emotional and practical situations
  4. Strategies to manage fears and challenges
  5. How to integrate the recovery plan in your day to day life
  6. Follow up sessions

MS Counselling Pack
1:1 sesions

The counselling approach enables you to work on fears and emotional challenges on a deeper level.

The number of sessions will be determined on an individual basis.

MS Fire Pack
3 weekly 1:1 sessions

Focusing intensively on specific problems, habits or emotions in three session.

“I’m just a proof that, like many others, I was able to overcome an enormous life challenge. If I could, so can you!“

Have a 30 min chat with Monika

I really would love to talk to you to tell you that being diagnosed with MS is not a death sentence. It is just a wake up call to transform your life.  And it is all about mindset. How you see the desease, and how you feeling about it, is what is going to make your life different.

"Awareness will drive a change into the mental map"