Monika Moller

Monika is a Counsellor and a certified Executive and Life Coach, a certified Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner and a certified trainer in The Science of Happiness at Work UK.

Her passion for coaching began after a life changing experience when she was 27 years old:

“One day I woke up with a total paralysis of the right side of my body for no apparent reason. However, I suspected that my stressful life full of anxiety had something to do with it… In the process of recovery old problems began to seem small, to take on another meaning, another form and another way of dealing with them. I began listening to my body and understanding it. I learned to get rid of limiting thoughts that where holding me back and prevented me from
obtaining the life I wanted. I started seeing new possibilities of doing things… After a year, I was totally recovered and my life was even better than before. I felt connected with a larger energy of nature… it was like my life had turned around 360° and had given me a second chance to really enjoy the gift of life again”.

After this experience, Monika started focusing on creating a life of well-being and happiness. People began to look for Monika’s advice on how to develop resilience to overcome difficult times and health challenges.  Also, people went to her for inspiration to make big changes in their lives.  Monika realised that she was passionate about helping others achieve their goals, so she decided to become a professional coach.

Based on her own experiences she specialises in helping those with MS.

Discover your inner power to live a fulfilling life

Her philosophy

As a life coach Monika concentrates on what you desire. She helps you understand your fears and how to follow your instincts. She can work with you on how to deal with anxiety and stress and give you useful techniques. If you want to work on health issues, she applies immune system visualisations, mind-body awareness techniques, proper food habits and physical exercises.  If you want to deal with creator’s anxieties or how to increase creativity, Monika’s broad experience in the creative field makes her a great support in this area as well.

My Qualifications



Diploma in Counselling

Redman Institute
Adelaide, SA


Certified Practitioner – The Art and Science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP Training Centre SA
Adelaide, SA


Certified Practitioner – The Science of Happiness at Work

iOpener Institute for People and Performance of London

Mexico, DC


Certified Coach – Executive and Corporative Coaching

CorpXCoach Training Institute
Mexico, DC


Master in Art Direction, Graphic & Web Desing

Professional Institute of New Technologies CICE
Madrid, Spain


Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management

Universidad Metropolitana
Caracas, Venezuela