What I can do for you

MS Coaching Plan

Analysis and assessment of your current situation. Step by step plan set up. Tools for handling emotional and practical situations. Strategies to manage fears and challenges. How to integrate the recovery plan in your day to day life

MS Counselling Plan

Assessment, support on fears and emotional challenges on a deeper level for a clear understanding.

Life Quality Design

Reach understanding on desires and needs to reach a balanced living.

How I can help you?

Through coaching and counselling I can help you answer questions like:

Why me?

What do I do now?

How do I get what I want?

I facilitate answers through an holistic approach, a vision of well-being of the body, mind and spirit; considering the benefits of many kinds of medicine available, traditional and non-traditional. From there, you will build the confidence that will drive you forward towards change.

Why Coaching for MS?

As a specialist in coaching clients with Multiple Sclerosis, I can help you deal with the fear when being diagnosed. The program I offer will provide you with a personalised analysis and a specific step by step guide that will give you support by using the resources that are available to you and by helping you assume responsibility for your own well-being. MS need not be a death sentence.

You Should Also Know…

Therapy will not heal you, but it will help you get clarity and to see the hidden causes within you. It will also support you in the moments when your mind gets overwhelmed with fears, and help you find the peace and strength you need to do whatsoever  you decide to do to improve your situation.

“Awareness will drive a change into the mental map”.