A story of post-traumatic growth

A mountain, a symbol, a dream or redemption?

Short Film Documentary Trailer


A woman in isolation is searching for strength. She finds guidance from her younger self who, ten years earlier, got through a life-shattering challenge when diagnosed with MS, against all odds recovered from a half-body paralysis and climbed a 9000 feet mountain.

Screening June 6th!

Based on a true story, the film depicts how post-traumatic growth unfolds after a terrifying life situation. The discovery of inner strength becomes apparent when realizing the paradox of accepting ones weakness makes us stronger.

  • I decided to make this film answering a pounding question:

    How do you value a moment that feels like failure?

  • When isolated

    the only thing I could read was my never finished manuscript draft, written years earlier. If the words in those pages didn’t help me in my moment of despair, then I would chuck it all out. But for my surprise, it gave me a spark to hang on, and slowly I continued with my film project.

  • “Accepting your weakness makes you stronger.”

Monika Moller

Born in Bergen, Norway, Monika Moller grew up in Venezuela and currently lives in Sydney, Australia, from where she inspires and empowers people to deal assertively with life and health challenges as a qualified coach, counsellor and meditation instructor, as well as a teacher on the Insight Timer Meditation App.

She considers her life journey through many different countries a path of self-discovery towards more balance, harmony and connection to her spiritual self.

She holds three different careers, is a co-author of “Unzenable, A Guide to Stress Less & Be More”, and has developed a unique post-traumatic growth program for people diagnosed with MS.

Monika wrote, produced and directed “In Search Of Strength” her first short-film documentary, based on her own story about recovering from MS, to help people connect with their inner strength.

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