Monika Moller

As a qualified coach, counsellor and NLP Practitioner, with more than a decade of experience, Monika inspires and empowers people to deal assertively with life and health challenges. Through the understanding of the physical, mental and spiritual synergy, Monika helps people connect with their inner strength. Based on her personal experiences, she has developed a unique program for people diagnosed with auto immune diseases.

She’s a certified Meditation instructor from the Skillful Mind Institute of SA, certified in Mindfulness-Based Treatment for Post-Traumatic Growth, certified as an Executive and Corporate Coach by The CorpXcoach Training Institute of Mexico, certified in The Science of Happiness at Work UK, certified as a Neurolinguistic Programing Practitioner at the NLP Training Centre of South Australia, holds a diploma in Counselling  from Redman Institute SA, holds a Bachelor degree in Business Management from the Metropolitan University of Venezuela and a Masters Degree with distinction in Art Direction and Graphic Design in Madrid, Spain.

She is a teacher on the Insight Timer Meditation App, a co-author of “Unzenable, A Guide to Stress Less & Be More”, and she writes in her blog about what she has learnt through her experiences.

Additionally, Monika integrates meditation classes with art to help people increase awareness and creativity. Through individual or group coaching sessions, Monika invites the participants to connect with their inner wisdom and teaches how to integrate mindfulness in their daily life.

She is bilingual with perfect English and Spanish.

Other Certificates:

  • Trauma Informed Care: Mindfulness-Based Treatment 
for Post Traumatic Growth Certificate
  • Adolescent Capacity to be Mindful Certificate
  • Integrating Mindfulness Training with Traditional CBT Certificate
  • Mindfulness and Mental Health Practice for Clinicians and Clients Certificate
  • Mindfulness and Resilience Certificate
  • Between a Mindful and a Wandering Brain: Time Has Come to Mindwanderfulness certificate

Discover your inner strength and create the life you are searching for

My mission

My mission as a Meditation leader, wellness executive coach and counsellor, is for you to feel grounded, centred, enthusiastic and energetic. To feel free to experience the myriad of emotions, because you will become aware that you can deal with the ups and downs of work, family, and personal life and still go back to alignment.