The catastrophe of my life stopped the day I decided to get up from the wheelchair.

You have to make a decision. Right now. Or you stay where you are, doing the same that you have been doing for a while, waiting until something happens by itself, or complaining about how unfair life is for you; or you work your ass off to change your unwanted situation. You and only you have the responsibility for your current state.

Ok, this sounds a bit harsh, I know. You can grieve the loss, the mess, the catastrophe, the calamity. That is indeed a necessary and natural reaction. But there comes a moment when you have to decide how you want to feel and see your situation. Feeling like a victim, or accepting that there is something you have to do.

The day that you accept that you have the responsibility of what has happened to you, that is the day when you get the power to change your situation – that is the day you decide to stand up, no more wheelchair. It is all about accepting the crude reality first.

Res-ponse-hability:  the ability to respond. In responding there is power.