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About Anger

What Krishnamurti and Osho say about how to face anger: About Anger “To control anger is to suppress it. To say,  ‘I must not be angry’, is to create the opposite and therefore a conflict between ‘must not be’ and the fact that I am. Or if you try to escape from it, anger is […]


Hidden Reasons Why Overachievers Burnout

Exhausted, but can’t stop. Then the “crash”. This post is for those who find it hard to stop working, who wonder why even knowing they’ll crash if they keep going, they keep going until they crash. Even when you’re rational voice tells you you’re going too far, you keep working long hours. Then, and only […]

Immunology and Autoimmune Diseases; A Neuroimmunologist Point of View

From Article: A little of Immunology for Everyone and Autoimmune DiseasesBy Dr. Hector Jara – Neuropharmacologist, Researcher in clinical neuroimmunology. Immunology is the science responsible for studying the ability of our body to defend ourselves from any kind of invasion, be it: bacteria, fungi, viruses or cancer. On the other hand, it studies the phenomena […]

Workshop Energy Within Your Reach

This intro Workshop talks about:
Why it is difficult to meditate daily and strategies to achieve it. And
the purpose of acquiring an understanding of the body and mind is to achieve a loving, effective and satisfying daily meditation practice in order to achieve a powerful transformation.