Today I got my pencil out to sketch some ideas. I realised the first time I planned a workshop was in August 2019. A sudden rush of adrenaline flowed up my spine, remembering my first talk. It was an incredible day, because of the beautiful team that made the workshop with me and the amazing audience.

Here a summary of the workshop:

Energy Within Your Reach Introduction:

Energy at Your Reach is the intro talk of the workshop The Energy Formula: Meditation.

By acquiring an understanding of the body and mind, we can achieve a loving, effective and satisfying meditation practice, and thus we can achieve a powerful and purposeful transformation.

In the intro you will discover:

  • Why it is difficult to meditate daily and strategies to achieve it.
  • The purpose of acquiring an understanding of the body and mind is to achieve a loving, effective and satisfying daily meditation practice in order to achieve a powerful transformation.

This information is for you if:

  • You have tried to meditate but feel that you cannot or do not understand.
  • You want to start meditating.
  • If you have meditated before and want to integrate the practices into your day to day.
  • You want to reinforce knowledge for self-discovery and awakening of consciousness.
  • You want to improve your energy, lower stress and anxiety, be more creative, have greater clarity and mental calm or you want to sleep better.

FROM THE RING TO THE CROWN – Introductory Workshop, Presents a short summary of the series of workshops The Jewels of the Crown all in one.

I’m thrilled to share my first talk on a Podcast from the 28th of August 2020. So grateful for Dr Charlotte de Courcey-Bayley’s invitation. Charlotte is the host of The Mindset for Health Podcast, her vision to inspire people to take responsibility for their health through compelling stories, captivated me and I felt honoured to be part of it.


“Venezuelan-Australian Energy Coach, Counsellor and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner Monika Moller joins us this week to discuss the power of the mind in overcoming challenges. She went from a terrifying right-sided paralysis to a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis to eventually climbing a mountain in La Gran Sabana! Listen now to hear how this exceptional woman overcame incredible challenges.”

Sharing my story on
Dr Charlotte de Courcey-Bayley’s & Monika Moller during the Podcast Interview