What Krishnamurti and Osho say about how to face anger:

About Anger

“To control anger is to suppress it. To say,  ‘I must not be angry’, is to create the opposite and therefore a conflict between ‘must not be’ and the fact that I am. Or if you try to escape from it, anger is still there.

I tried to control it, which is a waste of energy. I try to suppress it, which is a waste of energy. I tried to escape from it, or rationally rationalise it, which is an avoidance, an escape from the fact. If I don’t escape, control, suppress, or try to rationalise it, all that energy is concentrated. So, I have got that enormous energy to deal with one fact which is anger. 

You are angry, your tradition and culture say, ‘suppress it, control it, escape from escape from it, rationalise it.’  I say that is wasting your energy, which prevents you from observing the only factor, which is anger. So, anger has no opposite, there is only that, and you have the energy.

Now, why do you call it anger? Because previously you have been angry and by naming it as anger you have emphasised the previous experience. You observe the present factor with the previous experience, therefore conditioning the present factor. So the naming is a waste of energy also. So, if you do not name, control, suppress or escape, you have the energy. Then is their anger?

You are then facing the only factor. And when you are facing that factor completely, the factor doesn’t exist. “

Krishnamurti, Reflexions on the Self.

The Psychology of Anger

“The psychology of anger is that you wanted something, and somebody prevented you from getting it. Somebody came as a block, as an obstacle. Your whole energy was going to get something and somebody blocked the energy. You could not get what you wanted.

Now this frustrated energy becomes anger…anger against the person who has destroyed the possibility of fulfilling your desire.

You cannot prevent anger because anger is a by-product, but you can do something else so that the by-product does not happen at all.

In life, remember one thing: never desire anything so intensely as if it is a question of life and death. Be a little playful.

I am not saying, don’t desire – because that will become a repression in you. I am saying, desire but let your desire be playful. If you can get it, good. If you cannot get it, perhaps it was not the right time; we will see next time. Learn something of the art of the player.


don’t take anything seriously…not even yourself. And then you will see anger simply has not happened. There is no possibility of anger. And anger is certainly one of the great leakages of your spiritual energy. If you can manage to be playful about your desires, and still be the same whether you succeed or you fail.

Just start thinking about yourself at ease…nothing special; not that you are meant to be victorious, not that you have to succeed always in every situation. This is a big world and we are small people.

Once this settles in your being then everything is acceptable. Anger disappears, and the disappearance will bring you a new surprise, because when anger disappears it leaves behind it tremendous energy of compassion, of love, of friendship.”

Osho, The Sword and the Lotus, Talk #9