• Energy Coaching

    Finding your power and the steps to get there

Your well-being increases as your awareness expands.

Energy Coaching Plans

You’ll expand your knowledge of the language of your body, mind and emotions. Broadening this inner view will help you understand how stress, limiting beliefs and other challenges can be affecting your energy, health and other areas of your life. Consequently, allowing space for uncovering hidden inner strengths, that’ll enable you to design effective strategies and make wise decisions.

The Base

Plan- The Base
Energy Formula Level 1

Language of the body, mind, emotions & spirit
Discovering how stress affects your health
Understanding energy I
Managing anxiety & stress
Re-educating the nervous system techniques

8 Sessions

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The Climb

Plan- The Climb
Energy Formula Level 2

Awareness of the body, mind, emotions & spirit
Discovering outdated patterns
Re-wiring old brain patterns
Understanding energy II
Mastering communication
Mindfulness techniques

8 Sessions

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The Peak

Plan- The Peak
Energy Formula Level 3

Unifying the body, mind, emotions & spirit
Archetype assessment
Life purpose
Advanced meditation techniques

8 Sessions

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Individual Sessions

Individual Sessions

In one or more sessions, we’ll focus on a specific problem and review your approach, gaining clarity and perspective.

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Connect with your inner strength to get through life’s challenges.

How I can help you?

As your coach I can help you find answer to questions like:

How is stress affecting my health?

How do I calm my overthinking mind?

How am I managing my energy right now?

How do I regain energy and vitality?