Knowledge brings understanding – understanding brings acceptance – acceptance brings happiness.

Understanding why and how I got sick was crucial for my recovery. It was shocking to know that stress and depression were the cause of my health debacle, and I had to find out how those emotional states became so extreme and at the same time unnoticed. That genuinely intrigued me. I had to discover what happened to me.

First, I learnt about the disease. Followed by the body, the brain and the mind, and all together. At that time, I wasn’t aware there was a connection between emotions and illnesses and neither between the brain and the body; maybe because I was born in a Western-medicine environment, I thought my thoughts –and brain– were one thing, and my body was another.

A whole new world opened up for me when I learnt about the mind-body interrelationship; Even more when I found out that what we eat also influences our emotions. My fascination with neuroscience started then. Every piece of the puzzle slowly began to fall into place, and things began to make sense. I read books. I spoke to people; I consulted doctors and experts.

Sometimes all the information felt overwhelming. But by chunking certain information depending on what was currently affecting me, I got the grasp of important fundamentals. I don’t think we all need degrees in medicine, although it would have been useful if they taught us some in school.

Just like a music director knows the heart of each instrument to put an orchestra together in harmony, we need to know the core functions of our organs to see our system as a whole marvellous mechanism, so the melody of our health can tune into well-being. Learn this, and you’ll be able to self-heal.

I explored all about the mind-body connection and the holistic approach to healing. What happens in the body when it goes under stress and depression; neurotransmitters, psychology and meditation, also essential. I’ll go into more detail about all this later. But I’ll tell you now, the results of knowing what’s going on prove how important is understanding. Slowly I came to accept what was happening with my mind-body, and with that acceptance came a sense of ease and trust.

Awareness of the mind-body connection can shed light on your health story.

You know you have accepted the reality of your situation when there’s no inner conflict. And if there’s still conflict raging inside your mind, try finding out what is and isn’t in your control. What isn’t you can do nothing. On the other hand, if something is in your control, you can decide what to do about it. Having a plan brings focus, clarity, and also helps to quiet the internal storms. Calmness, proper breathing and inner peace enable you to save energy, an energy that your body needs for it to heal.

When you understand your situation, you reduce the overthinking about the unknown. There might be still unsolved mysteries, things you won’t be able to comprehend, but slowly the foggy picture starts to get clearer. It’s a chain of effects. This glimpse of clarity opens new possibilities for action and action means opportunities for change, and change can make happiness possible.

Knowledge brings understanding – understanding brings acceptance – acceptance brings happiness.