Exhausted, but can’t stop. Then the “crash”.

Photo by: Dmitri Ratushny

This post is for those who find it hard to stop working, who wonder why even knowing they’ll crash if they keep going, they keep going until they crash.

Even when you’re rational voice tells you you’re going too far, you keep working long hours. Then, and only when you’re in bed exhausted or burnt-out or sick, you wonder why you didn’t stop and rest in time.

The daunting part is when you have fallen in the same “hole” over and over even knowing where the hole is.

Overachievers dealing with fatigue, burnouts, health issues because of lack of sleep and overwork, hope this insight helps you understand some of the unconscious workings of a busy mind.

Hidden Reasons Why

The pleasure, the feeling of fulfilment, the satisfaction of finishing something that you started, is so great it overdrives your inner voice. That internal body-sign that tells you you are tired and that you have to stop is barely heard. The feeling in comparison, is not as strong.

Eventually, fatigue makes you heavy, but with adrenaline at it’s peek to keep up with the demands, and the reserve energy so low, there’s not enough strength left for the brakes to stop the runaway train. So you continue under the impression: “if there’re no brakes it’s probably ok to do a little bit more”. Then the inevitable: The crash.

What Happens On The Emotional Side

It’s like being in a trance, and the idea to keep going seems to be the best rational decision. You don’t want to stop. Period.

Maybe it’s a kind of obsession or a sense of over-responsibility or a worry-guilty feeling for not being productive. Or it’s the numbness effect of high adrenaline.

Either way, the results on the emotional side tends to be guilt, self criticism and probably, feeling self-defeat.

What Happens On The Physical Side

Living under adrenaline rush makes you feel alive, anxious to get to the finish line. But without noticing it, in the long run, it taxes the body from reserved energy, impacting overall health.

Ways To Prevent Burnout

Changing a pattern takes three steps:

  • awareness
  • understanding
  • practice

Prevent the burnout cycle by:

  • Having someone to snap you out of it.
  • Practising self-awareness to delay gratification.
  • Having a percentage of detachment from worldly goals.
  • Awareness of being in survival mode.

Meditation Practice: The Unconscious Effect Of Time

Take time out of the scene and observe if there’s a difference in the urge of “doing”.

Practice will help you notice and jump the hole.