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As your meditation coach, you’ll get the personalised support to manage your life challenges by learning meditation effectively.

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Hi! I’m Monika

As a Meditation & Wellness Coach, I help you learn how to meditate effectively, which will allow you to ease inner conflict, reconcile with your body, and gain inner strength and confidence.

You’ll learn how to manage positive and negative stress, understand anxiety and the relation to possible health issues. You’ll discover what makes you feel drained, fatigued, depressed and without strength, and what makes you energised and happy–the base for solid positive change in your life.

I’ll give you a personalised coaching program that combines counselling, executive coaching and meditation practices. Through the process and practices, you’ll find hidden inner resources which help you become confident to take the necessary steps to gauge your physical and emotional state. You’ll feel capable of dealing with your day to day challenges in a centered way.

I’m a certified Executive Coach, Counsellor and NLP Practitioner, as well as a certified Meditation Leader.

Also, I’m the author of “How To Feel Strong When You Feel The Weakest” (soon to be published), I’m co-author of “Unzenable, A Guide to Stress Less & Be More”, I’m a teacher on the Insight Timer Meditation App and I write in my blog what I have learnt through my experiences.

I have developed a special coaching program for people diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and created a unique mindfulness technique called Mandala Flow Painting Meditation©.

Meditation & Wellness Coach

I’ll equip you with the tools to awaken your inner wisdom and heal your relationship with your body.

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Thank you.💫 So very helpful, I really appreciate this guidance to help calm the body and the mind.


I enjoyed the frame for the meditation and your gentle but clear direction. Thank you. ❤️🕊❤️

Larry Nichols

I regained my self-confidence and learnt tools to manage situations that cause me a lot of stress without establishing a codependent relationship with my coach.


On the coaching session, Monika made me feel that I’m a marvellous being the way I am and I have learnt to be more kind with myself and see the fun side of mistakes.

Lily P.Coach & Therapist

My confidence increased, gained another point of view and creative solutions to situations that I considered a problem. An idea crystallised in few months and although it is “starting”, there is currently something that exists.

L. SuarezStatistic Analyst

I feel Monika is a person you can count on. She transmits safety and confidence, and her coaching sessions give a cozy feeling that enabled me to open up and be honest, feeling I won’t be judged.

Lily P.Coach & Therapist

“I really appreciated this coaching opportunity because I think I tend to complicate things more than they are. Monika helped me discover my strengths, supported my weakest points and gave me the impulse to create an idea that is working”.

L. SuarezStatistic Analyst

Wow! I was transported to a beautiful meadow, where I felt a deep connection to the earth, the universe and my body. Wonderfully healing on all levels. I look forward to repeating this. Thank you 🙏

Carol Jennings Canada

This was exactly the meditation I was looking for to fight the infection I have. God brought me your meditation today. It was perfect for the moment. Bless you.


Wonderful healing energies I needed today as I battle a cold. Thank you for this powerful guided message, one I will return to regain my positive, radiant health again. 🙏🏼😄💗🕊️🪶🌞

Regina McLendonSAN DIEGO, CA, USA

Thank you for this amazing meditation – I feel so relaxed, renewed, empowered and strengthened after following along for the very first time and hope to practise it daily, it was truly wonderful!


Why do we fall back feeling stressed, even after practising the myriad of relaxing techniques?

No matter how hard we try, we end up feeling stressed, again and again, and start questioning ourselves:

About the power of the mind in overcoming challenges. Sharing my story on Dr Charlotte de Courcey-Bayley’s The Mindset for Health Podcast.

This intro Workshop talks about:
Why it is difficult to meditate daily and strategies to achieve it. And
the purpose of acquiring an understanding of the body and mind is to achieve a loving, effective and satisfying daily meditation practice in order to achieve a powerful transformation.

Did you know?

Coaching will help you discover blind spots within you and give you clarity on your current situation. It will also support you in the moments when your mind is overwhelmed from overthinking, fear and anxiety. The aim is to empower you to improve your well-being.

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Most significant health issues or challenges in life can be understood as wake-up calls to transform your life. Often, it’s your body communicating with you. The key to manage any crisis relies on the right mindset and the ability to manage stress, anxiety and fears.
The source of well-being is within you.