The Art of No Problem

Mandala Flow Painting Meditation

Rewire your brain, see problems as opportunities, confront challenges with ease and lower stress and anxiety.

Flow with the unexpected

  • Practice of the Art Of No Problem

    Develop a natural capacity to solve complicated situations with confidence and ease of mind. By training the mind to re-frame problems in the paintings, your brain will use the same learnt skill to everyday life situations. Stress and anxieties will natural diminish as a consequence. Like training a muscle in the gym.

  • You’ll learn the 4 steps to creating lasting change.

    Art is our primal source of communication. Through Mandalas Flow Painting Meditation, we will give the unconscious space to come out and show us, either with symbols or through thoughts and feelings, hidden fears, limiting thoughts and internal blocks.

  • While painting, we will be practicing mindfulness, awareness of our present state. A stepping stone towards deep meditation practices of being aware of our awareness, our true nature.