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Meditation Coaching Plans

Only courage and a spark of curiosity are needed to begin the journey of self-discovery through mindfulness and meditation.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Private or group sessions

My purpose as your coach, is to help you understand the practice of meditation and create a space to integrate it in your everyday life. The aim is to develop awaken consciousness and discover your true nature.

As your meditation coach, I help you translate, digest and understand the challenges and feelings that emerge through the experience of meditation.

With my help and your commitment to the practices, you will learn to manage your inner state, desires and responsibilities with clarity, knowing that this new realisation will help you make assertive decisions and flow with any uncertain circumstance. By expanding consciousness with each session, you will be heading towards becoming a holistic person who acknowledges their shadows and lights, keeps open to growth, and feels comfortable with just Being. You will become a positive influence in all the areas of your life. Irradiating a vibration that is attractive and appreciative, you’d connect with likeminded people who will also help your life expand, forming meaningful relationships and manifesting desires and goals for your success.

Mandala Painting Meditation

The Art of No Problem – Workshop

Mandala flow painting meditation is a technique for self-discovery, mindfulness and meditation. It helps you increase focus, deepen self inquiry and strengthen the connection to your centre; a primary step for advanced meditation.

In “The Art of No Problem” workshop, you’ll practise developing the natural capacity to solve complex situations with confidence and ease of mind.

How I can help you?

As your meditation instructor I can help you find answer to questions like:

Why do I find it difficult to meditate?

How do I connect with my physical body?

How to understand what the body is telling me?

How do I connect with my inner strength?

How do I make meditation a daily practice?

An awaken life translates into a clear and healthy mind


Meditations in English coming soon.