What would you do if you wake up one morning with half of your body paralysed? If you realised that your life, plans, dreams had frozen with no melting time in sight? How do you deal with an unexpected life-long earthquake? And after the pieces are all broken, when even your loved ones are all shaken, how do you find balance again? How do you find hope to construct a solid life again? And how do you live with your worst enemy, or saver, called fear?

Nine years have passed, and doctors see me now as a “miracle”. A miracle because I went against medical odds? I can walk and move my arm, and for that I thank life. I recovered my life 100% after the terrifying diagnosis called multiple sclerosis. From my experience, the recipe for miracles like this is: a full spoon of bitter hard work, drops of acid inner-self discovery and a ton of sweet positive mindset. I’m a normal person, with no special powers. If I could do it so can you. Rising after falling, has been the best thing that happened in my life. I reconnected with myself in a deeper level, and I reconnected with life in a joyful level.

Whatever the shade of the fall, the intensity of your earthquake –while the thunder is at its peak, if you search carefully enough, a rainbow you’ll see between the clouds. The most breathtaking sky blooms after the storm. So rise and fall, my friends, because the fall brings rewards. And remember, as Osho says: “This too shall pass”.