Around 2007 when cd’s where cool, a stranger, that heard my story through a friend, gave me a guided visualisation cd to heal my immune system. Being in her 20’s, she was comfortable enough to tell me about her story. After three transplant failures, that cd helped her body finally accept a new kidney.

Wow, I was more than curious. Even though my situation was different from hers, I had to try this so-called powerful visualisation tool and see how it works. I heard the audio every day. I needed to strengthen and balance my immune system, as I was going through an autoimmune challenge at the time. Back then, I didn’t know why and how, but I felt it made a significant impact on my health.

The cd was made by Venezuelan Dr Marianela Castés. She bases her work on the studies of psychoneuroimmunology, “a science that has shown how thoughts, emotions, beliefs and spiritual ailments affect our body.”

My passion for the subject was born. I dived deep into topics like neuroscience and psychology, and practices of visualisation and meditation to support my healing.

Visualisation techniques create a physical chain reaction through thoughts that create emotions and emotions create the biochemistry signals that control our cells.

“It is possible to use the mental capacity to create ‘positive’ images that, properly directed, help regulate the immune system and restore health.” Clelia Olazo

“The brain controls the behavior of the body’s cells. This is a very important point to consider as we blame the cells of our organs and tissues for the health issues we experience in our lives.” Bruce H. Lipton PhD

“The immune system and the emotions are connected.” Dr Garbor Mate

The idea stayed with me for years, until now. I finally recorded a meditation inspired on that cd! With my dad’s music in the background. It started like a personal project, but now I find it valuable to share it with you through Insight Timer meditation app.

About  the guided visualisation to strengthen your immune system

In the guided visualisation practise, we enter the “world of healing” of our body to increase the strength of our immune system. By paying attention to our body, connecting with thoughts that produce emotions of well-being and imagining an abundance of guardian cells, we send a signal from the brain to our body to increase the energy of our white blood cells, lymphocytes, macrophages and natural killer cells. We instruct the immune system defence team to start protecting us against all types of viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites and tumour cells.

Prolonged stressful events trigger emotions such as fear, anger, guilt, hopelessness, and depression. These activate stress hormones in the adrenal glands, such as cortisol and adrenaline, if these emotions are not balanced, “they can send a message of suppression to the immune system.” So that’s why being relaxed has a positive influence on our immune system.

You can practice guided visualisation to maintain or increase your health. This practice is not a substitute for your treatment, but a reinforcement. Always consult your doctor if you notice any discomfort that you do not recognise.

Source: Inspired on the works of Dr Marianela Castés, for which I’m deeply grateful.
Other references: Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Clelia Olazo, Dr Garbor Mate.

Important Note: This practice is support for your treatment, not a substitute. Always consult your doctor if you notice any discomfort that you don’t recognise.

Click here to listen to the free guided visualisation to strengthen your immune system.