It can get confusing sometimes because the word “meditation” is used to categorize all the related awareness practices, and those sitting crossed legged.

These are some pinpoints between Mindfulness, Meditation & Consciousness, explained with metaphors.

Why metaphors?

How do you explain sugar to the one who hasn’t tasted sweetness?
The symbolic figure of speech is used, not to sound “spiritual”, but as a communication technique for broader understanding.

~Thoughts, memories, emotions are like clouds. The clear sky is our consciousness —formless, spacious, and holds the experience that appears in it.~


Mindfulness is paying attention to what’s happening on the clear sky —the white or grey clouds, birds, planes and so forth.

Mindfulness is being aware of this moment,being fully present, by focusing on an “object”:a task, a sound, a sensation, the breath,or what’s on our field of view.


Meditation is being aware of the open sky, the space that’s inside and around us. And like the atmosphere, there’s no division line. It’s always there.

When you’re present, relaxed bt attentive of the clear space, you are aware of your awareness. It’s being aware of what is paying attention to the “objects”.


Consciousness is the cognition of experience.

We are used to experiencing life through a lens of thoughts as if we were the clouds; making our identity its shape, colour and mood.

Meditation and Mindfulness practices shift our hard-wired focus on the clouds and make the open sky the experience.
With practice, it’s easier to be aware of both the sky and the clouds during the day.

And then, our experience of life is lived through our centre, our true self.

There is were “magic” happens.

“Magic” = intuition, mayor clarity,

   manifesting, ease of mind,

sense of freedom.