The practice of meditation will not necessarily make you feel better, but it opens the possibility of seeing things more clearly to find solutions.

Sometimes the sensations, emotions, and even memories that appear during a meditation practice are difficult to handle and digest, especially if you don’t expect them. This is why people look to teachers, instructors or trainers to help interpret the experiences that arise during practice.

Why do strong experiences surface during meditation?

It is not meditation that provokes new intense emotions; Entering a state of self-awareness without distractions gives the opportunity to show and let go of the repressed tensions accumulated throughout life.

Meditation is a way to reconnect with your inner self and your physical body, and a way to release old tensions.
But while you clean, the dust is always ruffled, so be aware that pent-up emotions can arise and it’s okay to let them out, even if they don’t have any immediate explanation.

Be patient, compassionate, and courageous.