This blog can be a channel for you to discover yourself, to reconnect with your inner strength and learn ways to increase your energy to regain health. 

I share strategies for self-management, essential to reach the state of well being that you desire. Specially on how to go through the tough experience of a health crisis.

I’m writing from my own experience and from more than ten years of studying well-being. I know how terrifying it is to go through a life-health crisis, or have a loved one with a chronic illness. I’ve been there. And there are many things worth sharing that can make the journey easier.

Know, though, that the what you find here works beautifully as a support to your process. But they are not intended to be a substitute to your doctor’s treatment.

Key Ingredients In The Journey

From my experience, the short recipe to get through tough times is: a full spoon of hard work, drops of inner-self discovery, and a gallon of sweet positive mindset.

Even though each person has a different journey and a different outcome to their story, we can share a map with different roads to get there.

Raising after falling

Rising after falling was a valuable experience to me. I learnt important lessons: I know now, that if I fall again, I can get up, and that helped to trust myself; I reconnected with a deeper part of me that I never knew existed, and that helped understand myself better; and I found joy by learning to appreciate the small things in life.

I hope through my posts, you find a spark to boost your your of energy.

Now it’s your turn. Read my blog, read about my experiences and my holistic approach to health. Get ready to open to new possibilities.

I look forward to hearing how you go!