The Cave Corner was born during the eighteen months I spent recovering from an intense burnout. Secluded, bedridden and housebound, unable to sleep or do anything because of extreme exhaustion, I desperately leaned into mandala paintings and meditation. It saved me from drowning in the the rough moment. I started small, doing five minutes at a time. Slowly, I adventured into new ideas: organic flow paintings on rescued wood planks from my front street and more hours sitting still. I called the place I sat down my “cave corner.” And after a year, on my good days, a bus would take me two stops further to my favourite spot, the cave with the bear head. Celebrated my amazing minutes of triumph, then back to my urban cave again.
This natural cave inspired me profoundly, I find incredible how the wisest teachings come from nature. The bear, a symbol of the cycle of life, strength, death and renewal; also represents a period of introspection. And bears give themselves time to recharge during the year –to hibernate in their cave. I can’t wait to tell you more about this story.