Being sick is not pretty in all its senses, but what you learn from it can be beautiful.

We all have been there.  It doesn’t feel good (you feel like sh*t!), you want to heal fast and you unfairly kind of hate your body. But while at it, there’s a chance to learn something that can be valuable for life.

Some years ago, I was surprised to realise that my biggest master when I was sick was my winter orchid.
She only gave me flowers once when I bought her and nothing for two years. Until that winter, when I was sick. I had put her in the bathroom to remember to water it (I guess she liked the temperature and steam).

So, every time I went there, I would stare at her for “hours” surprised to see her new buds growing. But she took her time in.  I was impatient about the flowering, even though I was amazed and happy it was finally happening. Until one day it stroke me. It was how I was feeling with my healing.

You can not force a flower to beautifully bloom; neither can you force your body to heal quickly. Have the same compassion for your body as you have for a blooming flower: Patience, acceptance and letting go control, are natures profound wisdom. To be able to acquire that is the secret to inner peace in stormy moments.

But still you need to love, feed and water it!

Winter Orchid