The first reaction to any bad health news is to ask why. Why me. Why this.

Second reaction, we self-protect by blaming something or someone else: it’s a virus, it’s my boss,  it’s stress. It never occurs to us that we can be part of the cause.

Let’s take Stress as an example. Stress is linked to the causes of major illnesses of this time. Although this may be true, we tend to see it as an external circumstance, not in our control. Well, I did think like this in the past. I used to be extremely stressed, feeling most of the time helpless about it. But, I was not aware that that word “stress” existed and that was what I was feeling.

Importante things I learnt about stress

This frase was an eye opener:

“I let myself get stressed by outside events and by my thoughts.”

The key word here is ‘let.’ I may not be able to choose whether stress comes into my life, but I can decide how to handle myself during and after a stress situation.

In fact, stress will be in our lives always, in different degrees. Not all stress is bad; the accumulative consequences on our bodies is. We do not free ourselves and decompress after a full-on chaotic day. And after years of constant muscle tension, increased heart bit, inadequate sleep, to mention a few natural body responses, no wonder the body collapses.

If you don’t stop, the body will stop you.

By saying, I let myself get stressed, we immediately change the source of focus, from external to internal. An awareness of who has to respond emerges, and then we look for the ‘how’.

The power to make a change is in us.

Accepting ‘who’ is the first step.